What fires keep you from doing the job you are paid to do (grow your business)? Where is your business in its lifecycle, and how do you get to the phase you want to be in most? Whether there are holes in your management team – or you just need some fresh eyes to help take your company to the next level, CXO Vantage can help.

CXO Vantage

A CXO (Chief X–insert job function- Officer) is a proven executive who is at the top of their field in a given business function. When you bring together the talent, experience and education of a team of successful CXO’s, the power of that combined team becomes exponentially greater and more effective. This is the vision of CXO Vantage.


CXO Vantage is a team of trusted & successful executives who have come together to help businesses in any lifecycle stage overcome challenges and seize opportunities to grow. CXO Vantage can benefit the inventor & entrepreneur in the Seed Stage, the multi-tasking management team in the Start-up Stage, as well as companies in the Growth Stage, Established Stage, Expansion Stage and even those in the Decline Stage and Exit Stage. Venture capitalists and investment groups also can supplement their portfolio companies’ management teams with the proven solutions provided by CXO Vantage.

The CXO Vantage Team is Dean Hutchings, Chief Operations Officer (COO), Robbie Chidester, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and Brad Rutledge, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), representing all major business functions. These proven executives have gained their experience helping run successful companies or departments, and are now leveraging these successes to help CXO Vantage clients.


Working with CXO Vantage

The CXO Vantage business model is designed for long-term client relationships. Our team works with clients to listen, research and analyze, make recommendations and then actually execute the plan.  CXO Vantage is different because clients receive the attention of seasoned executives who roll-up their sleeves in the execution of the program. Our revenue model includes project-based fees, ongoing retainer fees, and in some cases, reduced fees in exchange for equity shares in our clients’ businesses.