Management Consultants Provide Finance, Marketing, and Operations Tips

JAN. 30, 2012 — SALT LAKE CITY Management consulting firm CXO Vantage™ announces the availability of Executive Cheat Sheets™ that cover useful tips from a variety of business functions including finance, marketing, and operations. CXO Vantage Executive Cheat Sheets are designed to help anyone in business have access to valuable at-a-glance information to topics that are vital to running a successful company.

“No business executive can be a master of all business functions, so we’ve decided to offer free and valuable content to give management the backup support they need. CXO Vantage Executive Cheat Sheets are created by expert business executives and designed in a format that is easy-to-read, understand, and use in making your business grow.”

– Brad T. Rutledge, CXO Vantage founding member and Chief Marketing Officer

Currently Available Executive Cheat Sheets Include:

Executive Cheat Sheet: Introduction of Finance, Marketing, and Operations

This Cheat Sheet provides an introduction and overview of the benefits of working with a team of management consultants. It also provides important business tips that cover Finance, Marketing, and Operations.

Finance: Process ReviewVirtual CFO Cheat Sheet: Process Review
A new definition of ETDBW – Easy To Do Business With. This CXO Vantage Cheat Sheet discusses tools for process review, including a Process Valuation Guide and a good old-fashioned Flowchart.

Marketing: How to tell your storyVirtual CMO Cheat Sheet: How to Tell Your Story

Every employee needs to be able to tell a clear, memorable, repeatable and powerful story about your company, its products, and services. This Executive Cheat Sheet provides a graphic that is helpful in visualizing how to successfully tell your story.

Virtual CFO Cheat Sheet: Cash Conversion Cycle

Can you beat the odds and create a sustainable business? The reason businesses fail is they run out of cash. This worksheet takes you through a sample business case and uses the Cash Conversion Cycle to help you avoid common cash-flow problems with specific Action Items.

Virtual COO Cheat Sheet: Starting with Operations

This cheat sheet is really a written scorecard for each of your business functions.  Take a few minutes and consider your business and how you would logically break out all of the functions necessary to keep it running in the right direction.  Then, either alone, or preferably with an individual who is responsible for that business function, fill in the following information.


CXO Vantage is the first management consulting firm in the Rocky Mountain Region to  bring together the experience of seasoned C-level executives to deliver services, and measurable results, at a part-time price. While customers can work with any consultant at CXO Vantage in any business discipline, every client benefits from the unique vantage point to problem-solving that the CXO Vantage team provides. CXO Vantage capabilities include Chief Fi­nancial Officer (CFO), Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), as well as experts in sales, technology, engineering, legal, and human resources. Visit or call 801-930-0842 for more information.

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