Explanation of Service – Use financial analysis and expertise to analyze business opportunity or decision and recommend accurate solutions.  Examples:  Lease vs purchase, build vs buy, debt vs equity funding, product/service pricing, etc.

Tasks and Tactics –

  1. Gather necessary background data and develop financial model(s) representing business opportunity or decision.
  2. Build critical variable assumptions and conduct sensitivity analysis.
  3. Generate reports, charts and graphs to illustrate decision points and assumptions.
  4. Present findings and recommendations

Deliverables –

  • Accurate financial model(s) and analyses representing business opportunity or decision.
  • Reports, charts, graphs and reports illustrating decision points and multiple assumption results.
  • Summary of findings and recommendations.

Purpose and Utilization of Deliverables –

Based on expert recommendations, the Company can make accurate and informed decisions that generate increased revenue or decreased expenses.  The Company can take the financial models that are developed to conduct sensitivity analysis.