Explanation of Service – Participate with entrepreneur or management in presenting of product, service concept or growth opportunity to funding sources.  Leverage network of funding contacts, including private investors, investor groups, VC’s and banks.  Facilitate due diligence process.  Assist with negotiation of funding terms and deal closing.

Tasks and Tactics –

  1. Use network contacts to assist in prospecting funding sources.
  2. Play role of financial expert in presentation of funding opportunity to targeted sources.
  3. Acquire NDA’s and other legal protections of company IP.
  4. Meet with due diligence teams to facilitate timely and professional presentation of detail information re financial projections and operating plan.
  5. Review operating agreements, term sheets, loan documents and other transaction documents for appropriate terms and conditions.
  6. Assist in debt and equity negotiation and deal structuring.

Deliverables –

  • Assist in providing multiple opportunities to present to funding sources.
  • Provide expert financial assistance in presentation of funding opportunity and assist in generating multiple funding choices (debt & equity) that meet company’s needs.
  • Expert negotiation and decision support to make funding choice.
  • Close final funding that meets company’s needs..

Purpose and Utilization of Deliverables –

Presentation – having an experienced financial expert assist with the prospecting of funding sources and presentation of funding opportunity will increase the close rate and amount of funding to the company.  Due Diligence – having an experienced financial expert facilitate the due diligence process will protect the company’s IP and present the funding opportunity in a timely, professional manner.  Closing – the company will protect its interest and ultimately increase the amount of funding that it wins by having a financial expert partnering with the management team.