Explanation of Service – provide onsite and outsourced management of the companies accounting and finance function.

Tasks and Tactics –

  1. Take responsibility and supervise Company’s accounting and finance department to ensure timely and accurate financial reports are generated in accordance w/ GAAP by a licensed CPA.
  1. Implement appropriate and effective internal financial controls.
  2. Integrated financial reporting including, among other reports, dashboard management reports, foreign currency conversion and multiple company consolidations.
  3. Develop long and short term cash flow forecasting processes and reports.  Implement long term reporting of actual operating results vs forecast.
  4. Provide critical decision support and analysis (i.e. product / service costing and pricing, product / customer / channel profitability, ROI, build or buy decisions, lease vs purchase, etc.).
  5. Oversee such other operational areas as:  HR (including employment practices and benefits), IT, risk management, facilities, operations, customer service and sales admin.

Deliverables –

  • GAAP compliant monthly and annual Financial Statements
  • Reporting of operating results vs Budget or Plan
  • Expert discussion, analysis and recommendations to improve operating results
  • Reporting of Key Performance Indicators and other Management Dashboard Reports
  • Monthly updates to Short-term Cash Flow Forecast
  • Monthly ROI reporting of company resources including human capital, capital assets, working capital, etc.
  • Ongoing implementation and monitoring of internal financial controls, spending budgets, corp governance, etc.

Purpose and Utilization of Deliverables –

Clarity – the management team is provided accurate, timely, insightful and actionable information regarding the operating results and financial status of the company.  The company can track it’s progress against a planned result.  Compliance – the company has GAAP compliant monthly and annual Financial Statements that can be provided to Banks, Investors and other stakeholders.  Cash Flow Management – the company has a comprehensive forecast of short-term cash needs and can plan accordingly.  Proper processes, controls and internal structure are established and maintained to maximize company resources.  Other administrative functions are managed to ensure efficiency and compliance.