Explanation of Service –

For small companies without a seasoned marketing executive, or for larger companies needing specific industry marketing guidance, the creation of the Integrated Marketing Plan is a formalized marketing plan that includes specific strategies and tactics to help support company goals.

Tasks and Tactics –

In the development of the Integrated Marketing Plan, we take advantage of our outside perspective to your market, and work closely with company management to define clear company objectives. The Marketing Plan is designed to specifically support those clearly defined goals, in a measurable format.

Deliverables to be Provided –

  • Company & Market Overview
  • Opportunities
  • Challenges
  • Marketing Program Objectives
  • Detailed Strategies & Tactics
  • Calendar & Timetable of Milestone Deliverables
  • Methods for Evaluation of Program Success

Purpose and Utilization of Deliverables –

The Integrated Marketing Plan is designed to be a working program guide that identifies what the organization should be doing from marketing communications perspective to create company visibility and raise awareness, generate sales leads and increase revenue, build a strong brand and increase margins.

Upon the completion of the Integrated Marketing Plan, the client will be armed with a detailed program to execute, and measure against the defined company objectives.