Explanation of Service – The use of a variety of marketing strategies & tactics to generate quality leads that ultimately turn into company revenue.

Tasks and Tactics –

  1. Review of existing company lead generation program (how prospects are identified & ultimately turn into sales)
  2. Thorough evaluation of company’s existing sales model, sales cycle, close ratio, etc.
  3. Customer, supplier, vendor & partner interviews used to identify improved lead generation model
  4. Creation & execution of renewed lead generation model that is quantitative & aligned with company and sales objectives

Deliverables to be Provided –

This service package entails a detailed and deep dive to evaluate existing company practices, followed by the creation of a new lead generation program that is agreed to by sales and the CEO.

  • Current marketing lead generation evaluation report
  • Review & report on sales cycle, close ratio, etc.
  • Recommended changes & revised lead generation program
  • Implementation and management of lead generation program, with specific lead goals and milestones
  • Regular joint meetings with sales to ensure program is meeting expectations, etc.

Purpose and Utilization of Deliverables –

The lead generation program is designed to best align sales and marketing programs with company objectives. A properly executed lead generation program will increase qualified prospective customers to the sales team, which should create greater company revenue.