While Marketing Strategies & Tactics seem commonplace, we take a different approach with each. Please review below for more detailed descriptions.

Public Relations

“The birth of a brand in through Public Relations …”

– The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding

A successfully executed public relations program aims to leverage third party sources, such as media, analysts, invitations to present at events and even bloggers, to create visibility, market awareness – and ultimately secure credibility. The power and impact potential of any integrated marketing strategy, most often is secured with a solid base built out of PR.

The power of achieving publicity or securing a speaking slot translates into a third-party endorsement. The reporters’ or analysts’ decision alone to feature you or your product, or cite you as a source – will immediately add to your credibility ranking.

The tactics for achieving publicity & visibility vary and change frequently from traditional methods to the new media of tomorrow. PR activities are most powerful when combined with other marketing strategies, such as events, Social Media Marketing, integrated advertising, lead generation programs, etc.

Social Media Marketing

The rules of marketing have changed so dramatically that we’ve gone a Broadcast & Interrupt message delivery of marketing messages, to today’s Active Conversation  with Customers concept, which is vastly different & even uncomfortable for most. With experience developing and managing Social Media Marketing Programs for some of the largest companies in the world, as well as start up phase companies, through Rutledge Consulting Group, we’ve developed a Social Media Marketing System loosely called Cheetah, which is focused on taming the chaos in a social media world.

As a proprietary and internally developed system, Cheetah allows companies to have a strategic system to leverage Social Media to advance its corporate goals. The program follows the following key functions:

  • Listening & keeping a pulse on your target market & audiences
  • Creating original & relevant content
  • Engaging & empowering important individuals aligned with your company to be a part of these conversations
  • Connecting articles, blogs, trending topics and most importantly people with your brand
  • Measuring progress & traction that is achieved through this program

Online Marketing & SEO

By identifying important Key Words, we package a strategy around optimizing all marketing efforts to ensure high-ranking search engine placement. Rather than a standalone service, this is best implemented as part of an overall marketing strategy, or the Multi-dimensional Marketing Strategy developed at Rutledge Consulting Group.


Important to the overall marketing mix, advertising plays an important role when PR and Social Media Marketing Programs have paved the way with Visibility, Awareness Creation & Credibility Building. For work examples, visit Rutledge Consulting Group. We have also developed a unique Advertising Model that involves the implementation of a Media Partnership (as opposed to simply buying ads), which is an out-of-the-box program concept that has proven to be highly effective.


Our philosophy is to never attend an event without a detailed Event Plan that all participants are aware of. Events can be expensive, but can deliver a high ROI, since this may be the one activity where customers & partners interact with your brand  in person. We believe in selecting the events with the highest impact potential and then creatively developing strategies to look bigger than the competition, which doesn’t mean spending more than everyone else.

Graphic Design

From web design, to collateral creation, advertising design and other marketing, graphic design is a key aspect of any brand image. Our work is professional, clean & always aligned with your company’s brand attributes, personality, benefits and values. Please refer to Rutledge Consulting Group for more examples.