Explanation of Service – For companies large and established, or smaller and even start-up companies, a regular evaluation of its market position, brand and key messages is essential. The Key Messaging, Positioning and Branding Exercise is a tuned and proven method to tap into the collective knowledge of your management team, combined with our outsider perspective and independent research to quickly define and guide company messages, marketing efforts and even product decisions.

Tasks and Tactics –

The program is a formalized process that involves independent market landscape research into the competition & its key messages, etc. This is then followed up with a three-to five-hour formal exercise to guide company management in a discussion of existing market landscape, and the future desired market position, differentiated key messages and unique brand definition.

Deliverables to be Provided –

  • Market Landscape Report with competitor review
  • Target Customer Profile Detail
  • Pricing Guidelines
  • Differentiated Feature/Benefits Sheet
  • Key Messaging & Positioning Sheet
  • Positioning Graph
  • Brand-definition

Purpose and Utilization of Deliverables –

Once an organization’s management agrees on the company positioning, key messages and branding, the Key Messaging & Positioning Sheet is used as a guiding document in the development of all outbound and in-bound marketing communications materials. The words chosen should be repeated throughout an organization’s marketing effort, from collateral, PR, online and Web, as well as events. The utilization of the deliverables of this program ensure a consistent one-voice message and position, and will help keep the company on the right path towards is desired market position.