Explanation of Service – Small and large organizations alike benefit from having a seasoned marketing executive participate as a virtual member of your team. Whether your company is in a business lifecycle phase where you don’t yet have a CMO, marketing vice president, director or manager – or you need a proven marketing professional to lead your marketing effort during a transition, the Virtual CMO is a great solution.

Tasks and Tactics –

  1. Participate in weekly executive staff meetings
  2. Marketing plan creation & management
  3. Evaluate & make changes/improvements to existing marketing program
  4. Identify marketing strategies & tactics most likely to deliver the highest ROI
  5. Work with other company heads, such as sales or product development, to ensure marketing strategy is aligned with company and other department goals
  6. Manage in-house & outside marketing assets

Deliverables to be Provided –

The Virtual CMO will provide ongoing representation & services typical of an individual leading a marketing program. Due to the dynamic nature of this service package, the deliverables will be jointly agreed upon & may include some of the following:

  • Review & audit report of existing marketing program, complete with recommendations
  • Market Landscape Assessment
  • Review of marketing strategies, including Product, Price, Distribution Model & Promotion Program
  • Branding & Key Messaging Review
  • Marketing plan & execution
  • Management of existing marketing resources
  • Participation in regular executive staff meetings, board meetings, company meetings, etc.
  • Representative to media, analysts, etc.

Purpose and Utilization of Deliverables –

The service package is designed to fulfill an unmet need in the leadership of a company’s marketing program, in a broad or narrow way. For organizations with these needs, the service is designed to perform these duties on a temporary or longer-term basis to ensure marketing program investment is reaching its highest potential.