Explanation of Service

At CXO Vantage we believe that much of a Company’s value resides in those who come to work every day, and the value they provide increases as they are productive and play a key role in how the Company moves forward.  The better your employees understand their role within the Company, the Company’s direction and their day-to-day responsibilities, the better the Company will perform.  We can assist in all facets of the creation of an employee handbook and employee training.

Tasks and Tactics –

Interview leadership to obtain an in-depth understanding of the Company’s vision, mission and preferred culture, and document and refine the information and understanding.

  1. Provide a comprehensive employee handbook and training program to be delivered to all employees which meets both management and legal requirements.

Deliverables –

  • Employee Handbook to be delivered to all employees.
  • Employee training materials for current and new employees.
  • If needed, a comprehensive training program can be created and documented which complies with ISO and GMP manufacturing requirements.

Purpose and Utilization of Deliverables –

An employee manual is meant to provide employees with expectations and requirements for their job performance.  It is also meant to provide employees with managements’ vision, the Company’s mission and future plans related to the operations of the Company.  It is also meant to communicate information to the employee related to legal issues, benefit plans, etc.  CXO Vantage members have developed and written Employee Handbooks which provide all of these in a format which is easy to understand and which leaves the employee a sense of comfort relating to the Company and its future.