Explanation of Service

Having raised in excess of $100 million of equity and debt financing, CXO Vantage consultants have obtained a knowledge of how to raise capital, how to create an attractive offering, and who to speak to in order to fund your business.  We can provide services ranging from Business Plan creation, determination of funds needed, and method of capitalization to introductions and assistance in delivering your message to potential funding partners.

Tasks and Tactics –

  1. Review of the business and the future plans of the business.
  2. Creation of a comprehensive Business Plan which can be delivered to potential funding sources.
  3. Assistance in determination of amounts to be raised and valuation of the business.
  4. Training of key personnel in how best to deliver the corporate message.
  5. Introduction to entities providing capital in your Company’s market.
  6. Assistance in delivering the corporate message.
  7. Review of term sheets obtained and advice regarding such.

Deliverables –

  • Comprehensive Business Plan which is ready to be delivered to potential investors.
  • Provide Business Plan to screened potential investors.
  • Work directly with key personnel to coach them in how best to deliver the corporate message to potential investors.
  • Set up appointments with potential investors.

Purpose and Utilization of Deliverables –

Funding your Company is an important yet time-consuming part of your responsibility as a business owner.  CXO Vantage can provide assistance in helping you to fund your Company more quickly and with less of your time being taken from management of the day-to-day operations.  The Business Plan is an important part of both funding the Company as well as managing it through the business lifecycle.  The management of the Company can utilize the Business Plan created to both obtain interest from potential investors as well as a tool in strategic planning.