Explanation of Service

CXO Vantage can assist in helping you to understand how your sales force is performing and being compensated as it relates to other sales forces in your market.  We can determine whether there are issues around sales force performance which are creating an underperformance of your sales force.  We can make recommendations on how these issues can be resolved.  We can provide best in class formulas for sales force compensation and performance matrix.

Tasks and Tactics –

  1. CXO Vantage will obtain a thorough understanding of your sales force compensation and performance matrix.  We will also obtain information related to the compensation matrix used by your competition and within your industry.  We will create a method for management to better understand your sales force performance and compensation.  We will provide recommendations on changes to create a better performing sales force with incentives tied to sales and margin goals.

Deliverables –

  • Market analysis report on sales compensation in your industry.
  • Sales performance enhancement recommendations list.
  • Dash board providing sales force productivity information to management.

Purpose and Utilization of Deliverables –

Whether you are currently using a Customer Resource Management (CRM) product or an Excel spreadsheet to track your sales force’s productivity and compensation, whether you are compensating your sales force on a commission or an hourly wage, we can help you determine whether you are getting the most out of your sales force and ensuring that your sales team is providing you with profitable sales.  We can help you determine how to refine your sales compensation model to enhance your bottom line, and we can provide you with tools which will allow you to quickly determine how productive your sales teams are.