Business Lifecycle Approach

All businesses are subject to the Business Lifecycle, and while every business is unique, most businesses can be placed in one of the following categories within the Business Lifecycle.  In the same way that a wave working its way toward shore rolls and builds as it climbs towards its apex, and then crashes forward into the awaiting sand, only to rebuild its strength as it rolls back to sea to join itself with new forces of water and rebuild itself into another dominant force working its way back to its destiny, your business must move through the sea of change and growth as you nurture it towards its zenith and than as you continue to sustain its force as it  drives forward towards its destiny.

Why is this important to you as an executive?  Each phase of the business wave has a different set of needs and requirements for success attached to it.  Understanding those requirements for success and ensuring that your business is focusing on those requirements and negotiating the Business Lifecycle will significantly increase your business’s chances for success.  At CXO Vantage, we utilize the Business Lifecycle approach as we help our clients determine what areas they should focus on in order to help their business survive and thrive.

Phase I: Initial Concept

Phase II: Start-up

Phase III: Growth

Phase IV: Mature

Phase V: New Product/Market Expansion

Phase VI: Decline

Phase VII: Exit